Saturday, 14 September 2013

Download Pocket Tanks For PC Free

Today I Share A Very Popular Game Pocket Tanks. Pocket Tanks is a 1-2 player computer game for Windows and Mac OS X, created by Blitwise Productions, developer of Super DX-Ball and Neon Wars. Adapted from Michael Welch's earlier Amiga game Scorched Tanks, this newer version features modified physics, dozens of weapons ranging from simple explosive shells to homing missiles, and the ability to move the tank. It supports several expansion packs. At the moment, players can have up to 230 different weapons total. Pocket Tanks is often abbreviated as PTanks.

Download From Here:-Download

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Windows XP Highly Compressed 10 MB

Windows XP featured a new task-based GUI (Graphical user interface). The Start menu and taskbar were updated and many visual effects were added, including: A translucent blue selection rectangle in Windows Explorer Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop Task-based sidebars in Explorer windows ("common tasks") The ability to group the taskbar buttons of the windows of one application into one button, with a popup menu listing the window titles The ability to lock the taskbar to prevent accidental changes (Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer 6 installed had the ability to lock Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer toolbars, but not the taskbar) The highlighting of recently added programs on the Start menu Shadows under menus (Windows 2000 had shadows under mouse pointers, but not menus) Windows XP analyzes the performance impact of visual effects and uses this to determine whether to enable them, so as to prevent the new functionality from consuming excessive additional processing overhead. Users can further customize these settings. Some effects, such as alpha compositing (transparency and fading), are handled entirely by many newer video cards. However, if the video card is not capable of hardware alpha blending, performance can be substantially degraded, and Microsoft recommends the feature should be turned off manually. Windows XP added the ability for Windows to use "Visual Styles" to change the appearance of the user interface. However, visual styles must be cryptographically signed by Microsoft to run. Luna is the name of the new visual style that is provided with Windows XP, and is enabled by default for machines with more than 64 MB of RAM. Luna refers only to one particular visual style, not to all of the new user interface features of Windows XP as a whole. Some users "patch" the uxtheme.dll file that restricts the ability to use visual styles, created by the general public or the user, on Windows XP.

Installation Notes:
1. Unrar Highly Compressed Windows XP ISO.
2. Burn the ISO file of Windows XP on a DVD.
3. Install the windows.
How to download: Uncheck "use our download manager and get recommended downloads" and click on download.

 Download From Here:-Download

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Add Labnol like Social Subscribe Buttons in Blogger

Labnol Social Subscribe Buttons
Everyone knows that Labnol is most popular tech blog. All the widgets are officially created by Amit Agarwal. One of those gadgets is Social Subscribe buttons. These buttons are very lovely. Get the code here.
These buttons are with hover effect and are made with CSS and HTML. These buttons are modern in style and free of cost. To get this gadget you have came to correct place. Also Subscribe Us! for latest updates.

Features :
  • Customization available.
  • This gadget is free of cost.
  • Easy and fast to navigate.
  • In modern style.
  • With hover effect.
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Add this Gadget :
  • First you have to open Blogger in your favorite browser. When it opens, directly click on Layout option from the homepage.
  • When layout opens, simply click on Add a Gadget option.
Add a Gadget option

  • When it open, scroll down to HTML/JavaScript and click on it.

HTML/JavaScript option

  • Now, paste the CSS and HTML code in that area and after that click on Save button.
      Copy below CSS and HTML code of Labnol Buttons.

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Get Labnol like Clone Blogger Template for Free

Labnol is most popular technology blog of India. Currently an Elemin Theme of Word Press is using by Labnol. Now its clone template also comes for Blogger blogs which is free. Get this template here.

All the template is based on SEO. Elemin theme is developed by Themify. This template has a body with white color and background with grey color. You can download this template very easily.

This template has also very beautiful social subscribe buttons at the bottom. This template is very beneficial for Bloggers because this template is SEO friendly. It has a sidebar present in the right side of the template. In this, read more option is also provided.

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Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

To download this template, click on Green button and if you want to see preview of this template, click on Blue button.

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Free Download Chennai Express Game for Android

Chennai Express game is totally based on upcoming Hindi movie 'Chennai Express' starring Sharukh Khan and Deepika. It is and Android Game. This game is very interesting and full time pass game. Download this game from here.

Chennai Express Game for Android

This game has mainly layout of Temple Run and Subway Surfers but with some Indian accent. The concept of this game is collecting coins from path to bought some power ups from shop. You can also see coconut stalls while game play.

Download From Play Store

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Download From Google Drive

This game is free for Android Users. If you are Non- Android user, then the price of this game is Rs.99 (For Java Users). You can easily download this game. Enjoy this game!

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

How to Increase IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer

In the present time, Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best downloading manager. It is very popular downloading manager because it's downloading speed is very high than other download managers. But how can we increase it's downloading speed to save time. Let's check out..
The answer is Yes! You can increase IDM downloading speed by using an optimizer. optimizer is a very small utility program. This small utility helps you to increase Internet Download Manager downloading speed. 
This utility will modify some registry entries, connection type, etc. The name of this wonderful and amazing utility is IDM Optimizer. You can also impress your friends by using this optimizer. Here is a look of this optimizer.

IDM Optimizer

IDM is the best downloading manager than other managers like DAP, Flash Get, etc. It is my favorite download manager because it downloads YouTube videos directly without any effort.

About this tool : It has two buttons as you can see above in the image. It has a Maximize Now! button to maximize the speed of Internet Download Manager and a Restore Default button to restore the changes you made with IDM. It is an amazing tool in the present time.

Get this Tool :
  • First, you have to download IDM Optimizer.
  • Make sure that you have installed IDM on your PC. If not, please download Internet Download Manager and install it because this tool will maximize IDM's speed.
  • To extract the files, use WinRar. When you opened this tool, you see a window as you can see in the image above.
  • Now click on Optimize Now! button and you will see a notice window asking you to Restart IDM. Now restart your Internet Download Manager.
  • To apply changes with IDM, you have to Restart your PC.
  • Now your Internet Download Manager is boosted. To check downloading speed, download any video, song, software, files, etc. Now notice the downloading speed of IDM and feel the changes.
  • If you want to make your IDM's downloading speed default as in the past, simply open IDM Optimizer tool and then click on Restore Default button to restore old settings.
Download IDM Optimizer Tool.
Note:- This tool does not work on all PCs. It works in some Computers. Download and try this tool. If it not works, please don't mind. This tools 100% working in my Computer.
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How To Hide Zip, Rar Files in JPG Image Format for Windows

Hide zip rar files jpg
Even though with all the developments done in technologies, our way for sending and receiving a top secret messages have grown to be a lot more advanced and complex, most of the techniques useful for encrypting the message information but still those methods are very old. Before the birth of world wide web, e-mail and mobile phones if you want to share a secret message, have to remember it or hide out it in some way via various methods. Here we gonna share a simple & easy trick to hide the Zip & Rar Archives in JPG format.

Hide Files Including ZIP & RAR Archives in Pictures

Steganography is a freeware program for windows which allows you to hide Zip, Rar archive files inside jpg images privately. It is easy to hide zip or rar files into a jpg image using this Steganography software. The picture used for Steganography may function just like a standard image. 

Either you can see the image or you could take printout of it and no-one will find out that you have confidentially embedded a zip or rar file in the .Jpg image. One more thing which is unique about this application is the size doesn't matter you can hide a file size of 200MB or a 10KB Zip or Rar Files. hidden archives can be viewed very easily if the jpg image will be opened up by using this Steganography file archiver software.

Steganography Software To Hide Zip, Rar File Inside Jpg Image

Steganography Windows Software
Just in case you have never used this app before, these software generally enable you to embed any type of data files or text message into another thing, that is typically an image. This software is pretty useful and safe for sending very sensitive details on online while making it appear as if you are simply uploading a picture. Seeing that now you are aware of what steganography does.

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How To Hide ZIP & RAR Files in .jpg Image Format

  1. Download & Install Steganography software on your Windows PC.
  2. Click on the "Create" tab choose the .jpg image. 
  3. Then in the "File" section browse the Zip or Rar File that you want to hide in the image.
  4. Give the "Output Name" and "Output Location". 
  5. Then click "Create".
The "Open" tab is used to extract the Zip or Rar file from the .jpg image. Now you learned how to hide a Zip, Rar Files in JPG image format in Windows. If you're facing any problem just drop a comment below.